The Research Laboratory of Stephen Gottschalk, MD

About the Research Laboratory of Stephen Gottschalk, MDStephen Gottschalk, M.D.

We are interested in cancer immunotherapy, which holds the promise on improving outcomes for cancer patients since it does not rely on the cytotoxic mechanisms of conventional therapies.

Our research is focused on cellular immunotherapy with antigen-specific T cells. We are exploring conventional antigen-specific T cells as well as T cells that are genetically modified to render them tumor-specific and/or enhance their antitumor activity.

We are evaluating cell therapies developed in our laboratory in early Phase clinical studies, and are investigating strategies on how to improve these in preclinical models.

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Laboratory Members

Principal Investigator
Stephen Gottschalk, MD

Present Lab Members
Felicia Cao
Chris DeRenzo, MD, MBA
Claudia Gerken
Giedre Krenciute, PhD
Melinda Mata, PhD
Phuong Nguyen
Arpad Szoor, MD PhD
LaTerrica Williams
Zhongzhen Yi, PhD

Former Lab Members
Nabil Ahmed, MD, MSc
Challice Bonifant, MD, PhD
Whay (John) Chia, MD
Kevin Chow, MD, PhD
Oliver Edwards, MD
Sravya Ennamuri, MD
Kenneth Heym, MD
Kota Iwashori, MD, PhD
Sunitha Kakarla, PhD
Mamta Kalra, PhD
Simone Krebs, MD
Chrystal Louis, MD, MPH
Swati Naik, MD
Maheshika Ratnayake, MD
Tania Rodriguez-Cruz, PhD
Vita Salsman
Donald Shaffer, PhD
Xiao-Tong Song, PhD
Mireya Paulina Velasquez, MD
Xiaoou Zhou, PhD
David Torres