The Research Laboratory of Helen Heslop, MD

About the Research Laboratory of Helen Heslop, MD

Helen Heslop, M.D.Dr. Helen Heslop is Director of the Adult Stem Cell Transplant Program in the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy (CAGT). Her research interests are in augmenting anti-viral and anti-tumor immunity following transplant and she co-directs the CTL program with Dr. Cliona Rooney.

The CTL group consists of faculty members including Dr. Catherine Bollard, Dr. Stephen Gottschalk, Dr. Barbara Savoldo, Dr. Ann Leen, Dr. Carlos Ramos, Dr. Nabil Ahmed, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and technicians who work in the translational research laboratories or the GMP facility as well as clinical research co-ordinators.

This group has shown that adoptively transferred CTLs are successful in preventing or eradicating EBV-LPD post BMT and are currently evaluating CTLs in other EBV associated malignancies including Hodgkin’s disease and nasopharyngeal cancer, in which the tumor cells are less immunogenic. They are also using similar approaches to generate antiviral CTLs specific for CMV and adenovirus for administration to patients post transplant and are evaluating the use of 3rd party cells to extend applicability.

Other areas of research focus include identification of novel tumor antigens and genetic modification of CTLs to overcome tumor evasion strategies. In collaboration with Dr. Malcolm Brenner’s and Dr. Dotti’s groups they are also evaluating if transduction of CTLs with chimeric antigen receptors can allow targeting of CD19+ve, CD30+ve and her2neu+ve malignancies.

Dr. Helen Heslop is a the Interim Director and a member of the cell and gene therapy research laboratories.

Laboratory Members

Principal Investigator
Helen Heslop, MD

Assistant Professors
Nabil Ahmed, MD, MSc
Chrystal Louis, MD, MPH
Carlos Ramos, MD

Postdoctoral Associate
Russell Cruz, MD

Graduate Student
Minhtran Ngo

Laboratory Manager
Lisa Rollins

GLP Manager
Enli Liu, PhD

GMP CTL Manager
Oumar Diouf

GLP Technicians
Rong Cai
Joey Tong

Research Coordinators / Research Nurses
Marlen Dinu
Tara Gray
Yu-Feng Lin
Romelia May
Elizabeth Pacheco
Catherine Perera
Brook Straub
Vicky Torrano

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