Taylor, 10, Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma (JPA)

A Brain Cancer Survivor Who Never Lost Faith

Taylor Bedrich was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when he was just 6 months old.  Life-saving chemotherapy treatments and 13 brain surgeries have kept Taylor at Texas Children’s Cancer Center much of his young life.

(2006) – “Texas Children’s is all he knows—it’s been his whole life since he can remember,” said Taylor’s mother, Melinda.

Taylor was 6 months old when his eyes began to fibulate and his body stopped growing at the normal rate.  Eventually Taylor ended up at Texas Children’s Hospital emergency room where he underwent a series of tests.

There, Taylor’s family received the devastating news—Taylor had juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma (JPA)— a form of childhood brain cancer.  His treatment at Texas Children’s Cancer Center began immediately.  He was just 8-months-old when he had his first brain surgery.

Immediately, after surgery Taylor began chemotherapy treatments.  “We were in the hospital at least one week out of every month for the three years.  At the end of his chemo treatments, he went through radiation for six weeks,” she said.  “Texas Children’s Hospital became like a second home for us, and a big reason for that was the people there.”

Today, Taylor’s cancer is in remission—but his fight isn’t over yet.  He’s still on medications that will shrink the tumor so that doctors can surgically remove it someday.  “Everyone at Texas Children’s was wonderful—from the top doctors on down to the parking attendants,” said Melinda.  “It’s never an easy process to go through but I felt like I had a friend in Taylor’s doctors and nurses here at Texas Children’s.”

Taylor continues to get regular checkups at Texas Children’s Cancer Center, but he knows that his future is filled with promise.

“We are blessed with so much support from the community and especially Texas Children’s Hospital.  It has really made a difference in Taylor’s healing,” said Melinda.

Taylor attributes his continuing victory over cancer to his strong faith in God and support from his parents and older brother, Calvin.  Maybe that’s why he approaches life with enthusiasm and a positive outlook for the next adventure that comes his way.

These days, Taylor—who’s an accomplished pianist—can be found playing the piano during Sunday services at his church.