Kara, 8, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

She’s Her Dad’s Hero

By looking at 8-year-old Kara Campos, with her sassy pink sneakers and neatly coiffed ponytail, you would never know that just over a year ago, she was in the fight of her life battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

(2006) – After Kara developed a high fever and aches and pains during early summer, her parents, Amy and Joe, rushed her to Texas Children’s Hospital and had their worst fears confirmed—Kara had leukemia.

“We wanted to hear anything by the ‘c-word’.  But we did and we were absolutely devastated.  Suddenly, my little girlie girl became tough as nails and really took everything in stride. She became my superhero,” said dad, Joe.

Almost immediately, Kara began a 130-week treatment regime that consisted of chemotherapy and radiation, her mom and dad at her side.  Despite the devastating diagnosis and whirlwind treatments, Amy and Joe never lost faith that Texas Children’s Cancer Center® was the best possible place for Kara to beat her leukemia.

“We knew that we were at the right spot.  Everyone at Texas Children’s made us feel so comfortable, at home,” said Amy.  “From the doctors to the nurses and staff, Kara had a team of experts around her all the time, and I knew Texas Children’s was where God wanted us to be.”

A combination of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as countless prayers, forced Kara’s cancer into remission; the miraculous news hit just as Kara reached the 65-week or “halfway” mark in her treatment.

Today, Kara’s parents report their daughter is in the maintenance phase of her treatment at the Cancer Center.

But Kara’s fight isn’t completely over yet. She’s still undergoing treatment and making regular trips to the Cancer Center for checkups.

“I was sad when I found out that I had leukemia because I thought that my hair was going to fall out,” said Kara.

Fortunately for this fashionista, she lost very little of her long, dark hair that she adorns with pink ribbons and barrettes.  And today cancer is the last thing on her mind.

“Now I don’t really care about my cancer anymore—I just really don’t think about it; I’d rather draw, do arts and crafts and play with my baby brother and sister,” said Kara.

Inspired by the Cancer Center’s expert care, Kara dreams of becoming a nurse someday so that she can help other kids coping with a cancer diagnosis; armed with the same determination that she used to beat cancer, Kara is sure her dream is within her reach.